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It is recognised that human factors in aircraft maintenance have contributed to a number of major disasters and incidents. It is also recognised that if human factors are not seriously addressed the industry will be adversely affect.


Human Factors for Managers

Course Overview
A one-day course for Senior Management, Accountable Managers, and other Post-holders. This course trains the senior management team to understand the objectives and benefits of the required Human Factors programme and it also meets the intent of the EASA Part 145.30(e) requisite: The competence of personnel involved in maintenance, management and/or quality audits must be established and controlled. In addition, competence must include an understanding of the application of human factors and human performance issues.

Course Objectives
Identify the need for the introduction and implementation of a company safety culture.
List the factors that constitute a safety culture.
Identify methods available to ensure that the safety culture works.

Who Should Attend
Accountable Managers and other Post-holders who will be responsible for the introduction and implementation of a company safety culture.

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

Course Overview
This is a 3-day course for all personnel directly involved in aviation maintenance. It covers the syllabus requirements outlined in CAP 716 and therefore fully complies with the EASA Part 145 requirements.

Course Objectives
• Recognise the need for human factors training; the effect of human factors on airworthiness; identify the elements of a positive safety culture, including error reporting, Maintenance Error Management Systems (MEMS), Maintenance Error Decision Aids (MEDA).

• Understand the personal factors that can affect an individuals performance and also the factors within an organisation that can affect the performance of the organisation.

• Identify the need for effective communication and teamwork.

• List the benefits from the quality, safety, profitability and efficiency improvements offered by reducing human error and its impact on aviation maintenance activities.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for Maintenance Technicians, Engineers, Supervisors, Stores Personnel, etc.

Part 66 Module 9 - Human Factors
This course meets the needs of the Module 9 syllabus.