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ABOUT Plane Knowledge LTD- High Quality Aviation Technical Training.

POPULAR Courses:

Part-147 Type Training - Boeing DC10-30 and Freighter Mechanical and Avionic Courses for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel
English as a Second Language - A range of courses teaching Key Communication skills for those working in the aviation sector where English is their Second Language
Remote Visual Inspection (Borescope) - An essential tool in engine health monitoring, Our Borescope training courses cover both general and specific inspection.

Plane Knowledge Ltd (PKL) is a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-147 approved training organisation. It was established to provide Technical Training to the Aviation industry worldwide. Over the past few years, mainly during times of recession, training budgets were cut dramatically, also a number of airlines offered early retirement to their most experienced and qualified engineers. Further to this, there was a reduction in Technical Training to new and current engineers and technicians, which has in some cases caused a shortage in qualified engineers within certain areas of the commercial aviation industry.

It can take three to four years to train an aircraft engineer to Part-66 Basic Licence standard as required by the introduction of the EASA Part-66 licence. This is only the first step towards the engineer/technician attaining a qualification permitting him/her to release an aircraft with a Certificate of Release to Service (CRS). The Basic Part-66 Licence qualification is also the first step towards further aircraft type qualifications. This of course is not the end; the technician must now become proficient in performing his/her tasks. In becoming proficient the technician is confronted with obtaining practical experience and gaining the self-confidence, which is required to begin signing off tasks on the aircraft.

Plane Knowledge Ltd was established to provide quality training. It was developed to provide training to meet the requirements of the regulations, which have now been established by EASA.

Plane Knowledge Ltd provides Part-66 Mechanical and Avionics type training on a wide variety of commercial aircraft in association with other independent training companies. We have access to a number of Flight Simulators and can provide Engine Ground Run training (initial and recurrent). We also provide basic training to meet the requirements of the Part-66 syllabuses.

PKL provides training in a number of specialised subjects, including Remote Visual Inspection (Borescope) on a wide range of engines of different manufacture, Human Factors training for Management, Support staff and Certifying staff, Cold Weather Operations and Recurrent Training and Risk Management Training.

Our group of instructors are all approved by the UK/CAA and range from Licensed Engineers having many years’ hands on experience, which greatly enhances the quality of training at classroom and practical levels, and instructors with many years experience in teaching basic subjects.

It is the intention of Plane Knowledge Ltd to establish an aviation training school of excellence and provide to the industry all aspects of aviation related training. We also intend to offer training to companies outside the aviation sector (e.g. Borescope training to companies using gas turbines to generate electricity) and (Human Factors Training to the Railways).